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Frequently asked questions

  1. Can chiropractic only help with back and neck pain?
    No! Chiropractic care is about restoring optimal function of the nervous system. We treat aches and pains along with common colds, flu and headaches. If you have a question if we can treat something, give us a call!
  2. Can babies and children be treated?
    Absolutely. Children tend to be very active and often experience falls, strains and blows, which can affect the nervous system. If your child displays symptoms of discomfort such as headaches, change in behavior or movement, they could be experiencing pain from a misalignment.
  3. Once I go to a chiropractor, I'll have to go forever, won't I?
    No. It depends on your specific health goals. If you want to receive chiropractic care to only get out of pain, then that's fine. Many people continue with a maintance plan to prevent pain and live a healthier life. Much like getting your oil changed in your car to help the longevity of your vehicle.
  1. Do I need a chiropractor if I feel fine?
    It is important to understand that being free of "symptoms" doesn't necessarily mean you are healthy. Symptoms usually occur after dysfunction has begun. Getting checked by a chiropractor can help boost your immune system to fight off illness and pain alike.
  2. Will I receive any medication for the pain?
    No. Unlike traditional medicine, chiropractic is an alternative form of care that treats without drugs and surgery. In our office we will give you tips on natural pain relief like ice or heat.
  3. Do I need x-rays?
    That depends on each individual. Most cases the doctors will take x-rays to rule out underlying conditions that would contraindicate certain adjustments.
  1. Are chiropractors "real" doctors?
    Yes! Chiropractic Physicians, like other primary health care providers, undergo extensive education and training before becoming a licensed doctor. They have to fulfill 9 years of education and clinicals along with passing 4 national boards and state tests to become licensed.
  2. Do I need a referral from my primary doctor to see a chiropractor?
    No. Doctors of chiropractor are considered a primary care physician and do not need referrals.
  1. What is the popping noise when I am adjusted?
    Chiropractic adjustments commonly elicit a "popping" noise . Chiropractors refer to this as an "audible release" or "cavitation". Treatment success is not dependent on this noise. Your spinal joints contain a fluid known as synovium. The synovial fluid contain dissolved gasses, mostly carbon dioxide. When you are adjusted, a vacuum is created within the joint and the gasses form a bubble which creates a "pop".
  2. How many times do I need to come?
    Typically in the beginning of treatment the doctors will see you 3 times a week for a week or two (or more if needed). They will start spacing out treatment once the pain has resolved and the person is functional without pain. Once the person is out of pain they will start working on the repair phase of healing, which can vary from person to person on the amount of treatment needed. Working on the repair phase will help decrease re-injury.